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Custom Motorcycle Articles

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Custom Motorcycle Builder - Parts Checklist
This checklist allows you to list all the parts needed for your bike to help you to cost your bike before you build it. Custom bike parts checklist to view. For a working copy on an Excel spreadsheet which allows you to imput parts and prices and adds up all the costs automatically, please ask for a copy sent by email
Custom Motorcycle Builder - Gear Ratio Model
This PDF file helps you see how you can select the correct sprocket and pulley sizes for your custom build. An Excel spreadsheet of this is available by email which allows you to change data and try different sprocket sizes.
Custom Motorcycle Builder - Tyre Information
Dont buy any parts for your custom or start building it before you read this. Tyres are the starting point when planning your custom bike
Custom Motorcycle Builder - Offset Information
Understanding offset and allowing for correct offset could be vital to planning your custom motorcycle, especially for left side drive
Custom Motorcycle Builder - Harley Engines
This gives a summary of the engines available and some of the major, minor and interesting manufacturers and builders. Invaluable reading before you start your custom build. A definitative guide, unavailable from any other source
Custom Motorcycle Builder - Motorcycle Design - Part 1
This might be useful to read through before you even start costing out your custom bike build.
Custom Motorcycle Builder - UK Single Vehicle Approval
Overview of regulations governing seld build motorcycles in the UK only. You can also obtain more information from
Custom Motorcycle Builder - UK SVA Contact Details
This tells you how to obtain expert advice on the regulations and how you obtain a copy of the manual
Custom Motorcycle Builder - Photography
Information about how to photograph and get your bike into magazines. If you want to get the best picture of your bike and into the mags, read this
Custom Motorcycle Builder - Engine Specification Aid
If you need to detail an order for an engine or wish to list the Spec of the motor for sending to a a magazine.........this is a short cut. If you need a copy on a word doc file....send a request by email
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